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Hi there, My name is Dilara and I'm a 15 years old. I have an account here on DA (Klestix) for my drawings, but thought it would be fun to make one for poems so here I am.

I'm not the best at poems, but I'd like to get better as I go and post them every now and then. Hope you'll like them!

If you wanna know more about this weirdo here then you can take a peek at my interests.


I want to tear your body all apart
With my own two hands, rip out your heart
To observe you while trying to gasp for air
And laugh at you without a single care

I want to feel the warmth of your blood
Watch it spread over the ground, like a flood
To use your guts to paint all over the walls
And smile as you scream in the halls

I want to grind your body into dust
To see the anger, as I betrayed your trust
To gaze as you take your dying breath
And burn your body after death

But here I stand as your best friend
Hiding my intensions, a game of pretend
To make sure that you will never know
And for now just lay down low
My psychotic thoughts
A poem about someone craving to torture and murder his own friend, to watch him suffer until the very end. (It wasn't my intention for that to rhyme :P)

I hope you'll like the poem and if you have any tips, I would love to hear all of it.
I asked for help...
Nobody came.

I screamed for help...
Nobody came.

I begged for help...
Nobody came.

I cried for help...
Nobody came.

Nobody came...
Nobody came...

Then why is it so unfair...
When I do the same?
Nobody came...
Made this simple poem a while ago, I hope you like it : )

There is a man that needed help. A man that needed help, but never got any. Nobody helped him or heard him out and when the time came someone needed his help, he didn't give any. People looked at him with disgust for not helping someone in need.


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